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Learning Patience from Pets

“Patience is not passive; on the contrary, it is active; it is concentrated strength.”– ~Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton


Patience sucks! Well that is what I used to think. I was taught growing up that it was a virtue, but I was never taught why. In my experience, patience meant I would miss out on something I desired. So I became the hare in the race and would fast track myself through career choices and opportunities and even relationships for fear that I would be forgotten and miss out again. With all my “hurry up” and haring around I may have seemed to the outside world to be go-getting and achieving great things that seem so valuable in our materialistic world, but because I was so busy rushing to the next big thing, I was actually missing out on my life.

I’m 31, and I was brought up in an era that was all about get it, have it, and then throw it away. For a long time, this left me feeling empty. However things began to change slowly for me a few months ago. We moved to Las Vegas from Washington State. And we are still settling down, trying to figure out things in a new state or, long story short, facing the dilemmas of staring all over again.

My husband had just joined his new company and I was still looking for a job. Soon I got bored with the new-found loneliness. So, one day my husband surprised me with a little English bulldog puppy. I was so confused. This was my first pet and I certainly did not know what to do with it. We named it Pluto –yes, our puppy has a name.

It has been three months, and Pluto is now a part of our family. Among a all the mischief, he taught us one important thing, Patience.

Taking Pluto into his carrier for a vet trip, or waiting for him to find that perfect spot for a poop, simply cannot be rushed. As a matter of fact, rushing the process will only cost you time in the end. Some things in life just require one to stop, take a deep breath, and trust that it will happen (eventually). All the planning and manipulation in the world will not speed things up. Believe me, I’ve tried.

Pluto has finally fertilized the minuscule patience in me. Pets really cannot be reasoned with or cajoled. They live on their own timeline, not mine. Pets are just different enough that we have to trust that there’s a reason when they don’t seem to like someone, or when we find them staring up into the corner of the room.  It’s just best that they’re not disturbed.

I’ve internalized this principle and cut my stress level considerably. Whether I’m waiting for potty training to take effect or that job offer to come through, patience is sometimes the secret sauce. I can do my part (just as I put on the leash and lead my dog to the grass), but at some point it’s out of my control. For me, that’s freeing.


-Indrani Banerjee

Indrani is  from the “city of joy” Kolkata , India. However she has been living in the United States since 2005 and at present she is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She holds an MBA degree from University Of North Alabama. She is the business lead for major manufacturing company.  She is passionate about poetry and literature and other forms of arts like music and cinema . She  enjoys her happy hour with her friends and often takes on adventurous outings or vacations, which include rafting , base jump or skydiving . To sum up , her life is measured by “3 F’s namely fun, food, and friends .

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