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Know Thyself

One of the most profound pieces of wisdom to float the planet is Man Know Thyself. According to Dr. Nantambu, The Kemites, ancient Egyptians, wrote those words on the outside of their temples in Kemet, Nile Valley. The Kemites were highly spiritual. We can browse through the religions of today and find their roots in Kemet.

The Kemites recorded generations of knowledge and studied their patterns.  Studying those patterns led them to understand the world and their interaction with it. They developed an understanding of self in the process. They understood if one knew themselves, they could understand the world around them.

They found Truth that advanced their society and many others after them.  They explored and tested their abilities. Their achievements in architecture, art, science, math, philosophy, medicine, and spirituality speak for themselves. The ancient Kemites was a group categorized in their own class. They study the functionality of things.

Living in America and watching how the media depicts melanin dominate folks as thugs and unruly animals is mentally disturbing. Those on the outside looking in believe what they see on the news, read in the newspapers, and hear on the radio stations.  The only airtime we receive is when we are speaking and acting in ways that appear negative or when their chosen melanin dominate leaders deliver words to keep us in line. They have gone too far, murdering melanin dominate people in public. It is so sad that we are immune to the violence.  Hardly ever do I hear people speaking of the trauma we have survived and the healing paths we must take. Things have to change.

We have separated from self and we must return. We must lose the concept of seeing ourselves through the eyes of others.  We must do as the Kemites taught and “know thyself” to gain mental liberation. We must study the patterns of our lives and implement solutions that free the mind. We have experienced our lower selves; it is time to get back to our higher selves.

What I do mean? We must get to know the soul that resides in the body. Make some quiet time for yourself. This is not a time of conviction; forgive you.  Move past your thoughts. Things seen and unseen influence them. They are collective memory of things aware and unaware. Once you have moved beyond your thoughts just be. Trust the process.

Give yourself permission to be and watch things around you shift.  You did not stumble across this article.  It is time for a change. Time does not exist. Let go and manifest the divine within you.  The universe supports you. Your guides and angels are ready to assist you. Do not be afraid. Explore who you are and be all that you are.

This is not the only way to get to know the spiritual being you are. This method found me.  When you are ready to heal and know thyself, your method will find you. Your healing process may look different from others.  Just remember, Knowing thyself is guidance to transform and evolve.


– LaQuanda Simpson

LaQuanda is a vibrant spirit moving to the rhythms of life. She was born in Selma Alabama! She believes freedom was given to her as a birth right! LaQuanda has traveled around the sun 31 times! She has invested 10 years in growing one seed. His name is Kwami Malik Ingram! Her grandparents would say LaQuanda is a good gardener because she listens! Gardening relaxes her mind and purifies her soul, drumming and dancing too! Currently, LaQuanda is studying Geography Information Science at the University of North Alabama in Florence Alabama! She is an explorer and she loves adventure! Among friends she is better known as Que!

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