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Joy Don’t Cost A Thing

Who doesn’t want joy every moment?

Who isn’t hungry for joy?

Are we waiting for joy to come into our life?

Are we ready for joy?

Every time I listen to the word “Joy,” I get excited. My view on joy is that it is a personal phenomena. A person can have all the riches an Audi, 50 Hotels, 10 houses; but have no joy. At the same time a child can have a small toy that brings him/her all the joy in the world.

Nobody can make you joyous or joyless. Only you can make yourself joyous or joyless. When something happens out of choice and turns into an incident, it can make one joyless. What you say to yourself after the incident determines how you celebrate joy. Saying, “Great news, good news” is giving meaning to the occasion or incident.

I could be traveling on a highway with a friend and have flat tire. It could turn one’s mood upset, but NO. I made up my mind not to let it upset me. I took the incident to be joyful by thinking we needed to stop for a while. We took a nice break. Found a place for a nice snack and it brought us joy!

So we all want joy but how do I get it? I have found satisfaction to be the parameter of joy. We experience joy when we think about people who are less fortunate, less privileged and luckier than us. We experience despair when we think about people who are more fortunate, more privileged and luckier than us. But the truth is our joy is in our hands. Not in people above us or below.

As a child my joy was to play with my friend. When I was in school my joy was in scoring good grades. When my father bought me my first bicycle, I experienced tremendous joy. When I went to college building a career became my joy. Enjoying social life made me happy. Moment to moment as time changed my parameter of joy changed.

Now with gathered wisdom of the years, I understand all the things I have in life is more than my capacity. And that makes me a joyous person. I am always thinking that what I have is more than I deserve. Satisfaction is the parameter of joy. I taught myself that I should not compare with others, rather I should compare myself with my past. My satisfaction humbles me and it is my anchor for joy.

Joy is one’s positive perception of any incident. It is important to see every possible occasion or incident under the light of joy. Joy does not belong to some day or a moment in future. We can let every moment be joyful. And when it walks hand in hand with us, we are bound to feel lucky. And the great thing is joy is free. You don’t have to pay anything for joy.

– Mahesh Patel

Mahesh Patel is hungry for knowledge. He believes being adaptable and implementing on ideas fast is crucial. Patel was born and brought up in India and now resides in USA to build a new future. He avoids complaining and blaming because he knows one can only change themselves. Patel started his own business of digital printing and has nourished his company for over 2 decades. He likes reading motivational books. He enjoys life on his terms and wishes the same for everyone else.

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