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India Mebane: Closure


How Do I Deal W/ Closure

Closure is such a strong word but yet so silent.

“A send of resolution” is what you may get when you look up the word , “Closure”.

But when I think of the word closure, I think of “freedom”

FREE from heartache

FREE from negative vibes

FREE from animosity

FREE from everything that has allowed to NOT press on

Every situation we may deal with has to have an ending but the way you end it is how it is going to be effective to your soul .



Can someone set your soul free ?

A soul that has been dipped in the river of tears and the many rough rides to freedom

Do you know how to close that last chapter?

If not , then how will you move on ?

Close that chapter

Allow your natural beauty to take over all that has downed you

Allow your natural healing to over take you

Allow what has happened to stay behind you and

Allow what will happen to be someone positive

A soul is too beautiful to be mangled up in heartache or hatred

Being without closure at one point injured me spiritually

Made me to think I was beneath what God planned for me

But I had to realized how to love myself as I am and

NOT live my life as others said I wasn’t

Because my heart isn’t for breaking

My soul isn’t for taking

My mind isn’t for mistaking

I have closed that chapter

You will close that chapter

And WE WILL NOT relive that chapter

Because we are more than less and not less of anything .


-India Mebane

19 Years Old

Attends Austin Peay State University

Wishes to become a very famous poet or R&B /Jazz Singer

Very Optimistic about her future

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