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I’ve Got to Have Joy!

My story of the Power of a Positive Outlook…

Have you ever woken up with a smile on your face? Not just any old smile, but one that seems to attach itself to your soul and make you smile from within? Look at it from this perspective; have you ever had a situation for which your tears are so heavy they blind you? Perhaps a circumstance that was so troubling and confusing you could make neither heads nor tails of it? Or maybe you just couldn’t rest because you weren’t sure if you made the right choice…

Whatever the situation or circumstance, I’m pretty sure that you didn’t pay attention to some smile that was attaching itself to your soul. As a matter of fact, I’m sure that was the last thing on your mind. Not that you were intensely unhappy, but “joy” was a little far from your vantage point…


Jumping for joy on Playa Bastimento, Vieques, Puerto Rico, Wikimedia Commons

Well, the other day, I woke up and I was just smiling the entire day. Nothing life-changing happened. It wasn’t a particularly grand day at work. I was just happy. I remember thinking about the lyrics to an old song that I honestly hated hearing it in church because it was old and someone “played out.” Written in part by Al Green, It says “I get joy when I think about what He’s done for me.” That song seemed so ritualistic that I always felt like I was just singing a lyric when I sang it at church. But this day… There was something about those words… I was walking down the halls with the giggles thinking about the things that are prepared for me and my family in our future. I can’t wait to see how the ends of my journey are justified by the means.

I could tell you about some of the troubles that I faced after I posted to social medial about how happy I was and how it seemed that the enemy was determined to steal my joy, but it seems pointless to give focus to negative energy. Problems seem smaller. Stress seems to dissipate. Anger seems to have subsided when I felt this joy. That’s what I mean when I say this smile seemed to attach itself to my soul. I was literally happy from some place within myself that I could not (and still cannot) identify. This isn’t a particularly “deep” article but, rather, a suggestion. Try giving in to peace and tranquility. Try encouraging yourself just because. Don’t want for an external stimulant. Just choose to be happy and see does it not affect some aspect of your life in a positive way.

– Aria Lott

Aria Y. Lott is a joyful soul. She has experienced much to the contrary but realizes our belief in the possibility or existence of joy is what makes it tangible and challenges you to open yourself up to the possibility of joy and see what happens!

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