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I’m Still Standing

Thirteen years ago – I sat at my desk and had a stroke.  No – I’ve never had and I don’t have high blood pressure, wasn’t overweight at the time, and was in general good health.

The weekend prior I had an amazing headache, my right arm and leg were numb and essentially useless.  My mom instructed me to go to the doc or ER and I ignored her instructions because I figured I had time, probably needed some rest and there could not be anything seriously wrong.

Sunday, I drove 3.5 hours home, got the kids to bed and off to school the next morning. With the same intense headache, numbing pain down my right side, I made it to work.

That day, while at my desk I kept feeling worse and knew something was wrong. My co-worker walked me to check my blood pressure which was extremely high – we got a bottle of water for me and I assured her I would be fine but I knew something was happening. I remember writing my friend Steph’s number down and telling my co-worker to call her and then I remember leaning back in my chair. The next thing I know Steph was standing over me and EMT was arriving.  I had a stroke that day. I was in the ambulance being rushed to the hospital.

It took me years to regain use of my right arm and to not have my right leg drag when I walk. I won’t even tell you how often I look at my arms and just praise God!

Eight years later my left arm was swollen and I self-diagnosed myself with a muscle strain, I drove to Baton Rouge to be with my friend, as she laid her mother to rest.  I’m positive her aunt saved my life by insisting I take an aspirin every day I was there.

Upon my return home I was admitted to the hospital with a huge blood clot in my left arm, I was educated on giving myself injections and on constant blood thinners. I was finally diagnosed with a clotting disorder eight years after a stroke, blood clots and hospitalization.

Eight years – do you know what could have happened in 8 years?

Being healthy today is very important to me.  I advise everyone to pay attention to their bodies- start by listening to your body, take good care of it, don’t ignore warning signs, be mindful of what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat.  My goal is to be active and stay active, to enhance my life by living it in tune with the needs of my body. Being healthy is a blessing, staying healthy is a responsibility I owe God, myself, those I love and who love me.

When I’m able to do anything, I am so beyond Grateful and Thankful for God’s protection, his mercy and his grace.

I’m Still Standing!


Rosalind Stewart-Jackson aka Roz

A fierce mother of five, loving grandmother of 15, Rosalind is full of an overprotective all inclusive love of those who belong to her, she loves fiercely, completely and believes in giving one hundred percent of herself. 

A lover of words, random facts, researching, and the Bible – Roz writes her thoughts, dreams and inspirations to share with her closest friends.

A firm believer of love, life, laughter and loyalty, seeking any opportunity to take a quick road trip or a mini-vacation. 

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