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Between sleeping and waking My yesterself passed away.

Hope always rises with the sun. New possibilities reach for me. I declare, “Today is good.” I celebrate.

Today greets me And fun peeks from the mirror. Today is glad to see me And cannot stop kissing my face. It warms me.

My yesterwear holds no life. My closet is revealing new combinations. Newness.

I feel a song. I hear love from every direction. I have a, “Bless you,” for everyone Now.

I extend a blanket of safety to everyone And a comforter of cozy to loved ones. I have an abundance of smiles.

I scream for more Now. This moment, so fertile, so potent, So filled with promise and love It must be celebrated.

No need to pick invitations. No need to shop for party clothes. No need to order a cake or hire a caterer. I don’t have tomorrow. I don’t have later. I have Now.

Showering off yesterfears. Splashing on some wonderful. Sipping a bit of delight.

Now is the time. Now is the theme. Come as you are. Come if you will

I celebrate Now,

Copyright© 2018  Tekla A. Syers All rights reserved.


-Tekla resides in Chicago as a student and teacher of metaphysics; smitten grandmother; dabbler in culinary arts; semi retired fund development and nonprofit management consultant; and craftswoman. She enjoys music and art in myriad forms and makes time to observe and reflect on why folks and things are as they are.

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