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Goin’ In: Project Say Something

Garden Spices Magazine has been a fan of this ebbing organization in Florence, AL.  And now,  we invite you to learn about their intentions and their work.


Camille Bennett, Director

Project Say Something’s Mission is to unify, educate, heal, and empower communities in the mid south to realize social justice through non-violent communication and direct action against racism, poverty and related forms of oppression.



To foster nonviolent dialogue, action, and awareness about racism across all members of our community through group and one-on-one programs. Programs include panel-led community discussions, educational workshops, mental health services, and an array of coordinating educational resources, such as our video series


To inform each other about racism’s history and effects, to exchange useful strategies for fighting racism during our daily lives, and to bridge divisions in our community through workshops, group discussions, and media resources. We offer educational workshops to all members of the community at schools, churches, and businesses. We also offer an afterschool and summer program with a specific focus on inclusion and global cultural awareness. Contact us to schedule a workshop or for more information.


To give minority residents a stronger voice in mid-south communities by cultivating their professional passions through entrepreneurship workshops and grassroots leadership development. Our entrepreneurship initiative educates minority youth about the value of entrepreneurship through workshops and guest speakers in churches and schools, with a special focus on marginalized and at-risk students.


Minorities are at a higher risk of mental illness. Due to social stigmas and lack of resources many minorities suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses with no resources for treatment. We offer income based mental health services from a team of licensed therapist for those in need.

Join the Facebook Group for Project Say Something, and let your voice be heard.  Also, become a member and/or donate to this 501c3 organization.  Contact us.

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