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Detectives Joi Sommers and her partner Russell Wilkerson speed to the Ingalls Hospital ER and are disgusted to find the strangled body of Tamiko Triplett, preteen lying on the gurney, the tattoo of a dragon, and a pimp’s initials on her inner thigh. What kind of monster would ravage and discard the fragile beauty with exotic eyes like debris? Enraged, the detectives commit to bringing her murderer to justice, on or off the clock. This quest leads the pair into the dark world of sex trafficking flourishing clandestinely in the surrounding south suburban enclaves. Consumed with this case, the recently widowed Russell relapses into alcohol addiction and while struggling to conceal his drinking from his partner and family, his reckless neglect leaves those he loves most vulnerable to dangers lurking unobserved and undetected.

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What’s really going on over at The Cathedral? Charismatic Pastor Reese Thompkins had transformed a struggling congregation in Central Illinois into a megachurch. When Pastor’s not preaching and teaching, he’s singing and producing music with an internationally recognized Gospel Choir that’s been nominated for a Stellar Award. And by his side is his beautiful wife, Sister Kamilah, renowned children’s author and artist. To the Christian Community, the power couple is a sterling example of marital harmony and evangelists that can change lives through the mighty Word of God. Behavioral Psychologist Dr. Annorah Sherman, can’t believe anyone is naïve enough to buy this fairy tale. How did Pastor Reese show up straight out of Bermuda and create this liberal-leaning oasis? What secrets lurk behind the doors of The Cathedral? The International Truth Institute has bankrolled her investigation of Pastor Reese. Her revelations will propel her to the top of a media empire.

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Love And Healing is a guidebook intended to relieve emotional suffering. Russell Clayton introduces “Inner Restorative Healing” as a proven method of accessing and practicing the ancient ways of sensory therapy. The activation of earth’s energy and power gets delivered to the emotional self and is intended to ignite a positive shift in your overall wellness. Love And Healing is an inner journey of reprogramming your subconscious and harnessing the healing power of love. Love is changeful, it’s the most powerful agent of change in existence. These cultivated selections of self-healing methods assist you into alignment with your higher self, deepen your connection to your sacred heart, improve your ability to deliberately manifest, and help hardwire your access to the greater you. The methods you’ll be learning come from a combination of ancient healing techniques, philosophies, exercises, and New Age wisdom. Use this intuitive guidebook to choose your own combination of healing methods. Start moving through life in a bold new way!

Physician, surgeon, author, poet, and spiritual teacher, Dr. Russell Clayton was born in Chicago, Illinois. His passion for sharing his perspective on love and life has helped countless people worldwide. Dr. Clayton’s first book, The Greater You, focused on the inner journey. Love And Healing focus on spiritual restoration, emotional healing, and alignment with love. His 35-year medical career and extensive healing experience is wrapped up here together, in words, as a gift for all of us to explore and experience

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I shifted a lifetime of feeling unworthy, of feeling less than others, of feeling like I was an imposition to all around me and most times just invisible into a life I love living, a life full of new adventures. I shifted from multiple emotionally and physically abusive relationships, including having a knife held to my throat and dared to speak, into enjoying things daily, to having a constant stream of gratefuls, to a house full of things I love, to incredible international trips to luxury all-inclusive resorts. Wow. The universe is full of unlimited possibilities.

How did I shift? And how can you shift? By knowing you’re vibrational and that your life is a vibrational choice. And it belongs to only you!! How we interact with the world around us creates our experiences and each one of us holds the complete and total power to create the experiences we desire. Let me share a glimpse of my chaotic destruction as I was changing my vibrational focus by implementing shifts in my vibrational field.

Check my mini e-book Vibrational Badassery: The Beginner’s Guide, launching September 2021 where I will dive into what your vibrational field is, how and where it flows and how you can harness the infinite power of your vibrational flow to align with the life you desire.

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My First Love

Reminiscing those happy days while stationed in Southern Japan, and my beautiful Kaeko-san. She’ll be 86 now. Both of our lives were shadowed by bloody wars. She was 11 years old when WW2 began; and I, a 17 year old teenager who volunteered for combat during the Korean war (1950/51)

She was 17 and I, 19 when we met in southern Japan, where I was finishing the last 2 plus years of my enlistment as a paratrooper in an airborne unit, 8081st Airborne Company of the 187th Airborne based in Ashiya-machi’s Airbase…

We were survivors, of brutal conventional wars, I, a combat infantryman and she, a young schoolgirl.

I remember you Kaeko, for your love, help and understanding as the two of us recuperated from the horrors of war. I remembered you in my heart and memories forever and regardless.

P.S. Some of our best well-kept secrets

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