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Furnishings with Character

The resonance and timbre of her speaking voice will blow your mind, and she can do the James Brown like…like James Brown!  Barbara Hayes is a character!  Her furniture reflects a past era that would have welcomed her with open arms and invited her to “Have a Seat.”


Have a Seat is a shop that means what it says. Enter, and you will find a collection of vintage furniture that is meticulously restored and ready for your comfort.  Hayes is there to serve you and has been in the business of serving people for many years.  “I retired from the Post Office, 41 years and 5 months ago!” says Hayes. “I always loved something different, and vintage furniture appealed to me.  ”  Hayes opened her shop September 20, 2012, and she contends that “if you do what you love, success will follow.”


Hayes doesn’t worry about inventory.  “I’ve been collecting for over 20 years,” says Hayes. “I keep plenty of stock.”  Sometimes people donate items she finds worthy of showing, but she says, “I don’t take just anything.”


If you have a penchant for character and style, Have a Seat and Barbara Hayes are waiting for you on Western in Chicago.


Barbara Hayes

I am a life-long resident of Chicago, and I love what I do.

Have a Seat,10731 S. Western Avenue, Chicago, IL 60643, Wed.-Sat.- 12-6PM, Mon. & Tues. by appointment only, 773-779-1996

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