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From the Heart: Romaine Head

I had not seen my dear sistah/friend, Debra McCain, in over 30 years.  Her visit with me brought us up to date, and I told her about Garden Spices.  She told me that her sister, Romaine Head, was now doing artwork. How?  When?  I had to see for myself.  I soon browsed wonderful and voluminous images bearing confidence and swag that were camouflaged with colorful jazz.  I had not spoken with Romaine in over 30 years, and I had to find out how she made her foray into what had appeared to become her passion. –Victorine


In 2011, Romaine was pursuing a degree at Phoenix University, when she had a heart attack! While bed-ridden, Romaine bought an iPad and pondered why.  She thought she might use it upon her return to school, but bored and healing, Romaine discovered the paint app on her iPad.  She also discovered she “still had skills” that healed her by prompting her to paint till 2 or 3 in the morning. “I had visions,” she reflected.  “They were surreal.  I would see the outline for what I was supposed to create. Different versions of women.”  Initially, Romaine started with “big women.”  Now her visions and work are evolving to include other images.

The graphic designs are created from computer transfers.  “I recently started using watercolors and can duplicate graphic art designs from canvas,” says Romaine.  “I do customized cards…and have a Christmas card collection.”  As an artist, Romaine says it’s easy to “forget business.”  She “just wants to create.”  However, you can find her designs on  Just type Romaine Head in the search area to make apparel and items donning her designs.  They are from the heart.



Omega under the sun



-Romaine Head

She “just wants to create.”  Find her work on  Search Romaine Head, or contact Romaine at for graphic designs or work on canvas.


Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Garden Spices Magazine

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