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Featuring Pepper, aka, Chicken

 Let me introduce myself.  I’m Pepper, aka Chicken.  My dads, RJ and Pepe, are crazy about me and so are my fans.  Whenever I show up, people can’t help but chuckle.  So…have a laugh on me. 

Oh…Would you care for some of Pepe’s oatmeal banana bread?   It’s really good!


Looking for me?  I’m just chillin’ on my favorite shelf.


Say…who is this? Why can’t you move?  It’s OK.  I’ll kiss you anyway.


This is RJ.  My favorite place is on his shoulder…but in the shower?!  Psst..I think  we better put a move on it.  We’ll be late.

                    No selfies while driving, but we are cute.

Contemplative:  “Can you feel the space between the thoughts?

This is Pepe.  He’s the artist.

Look at what Pepe did to me!!  He turned me into an Easter card!  I know it’s cute, but I will not hop, no matter what.


OK, I gotta go now.  Peace out.


Hispanicize–2014 with Pepe Villegas

Pepe is the founder of ARTKTR, a wearable art collaborative and experimental platform based in Miami.


RJ Starr

Parrot-loving student of existential phenomenology and its psychological implications upon the human experience.

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