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Favorite Summer Recipes

Raw Tomato Sauce for Pasta

Makes 4 small servings

4 large ripe tomatoes (peel & core)

4 large garlic cloves-crushed

6 large basil leaves slivered

1 tsp salt

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil (first cold pressed is best)

Freshly Grated cheese

1)    Chop tomatoes- put in bowl with juice

2)    Crush garlic (leave 2 cloves whole and remove before serving if you don’t like strong garlic flavor)

3)    Add garlic, oil, salt, pepper and ½ the slivered basil leaves

4)    Stir and cover for 8-10 hours stirring occasionally

5)    Serve over pasta with cheese and basil sprinkled on top.

published in Parade Magazine 6/25/06

Wanda Gail Campbell, PhD, Minister of Peace


Angel Food Surprise

Recipe: 1 – can sweetened condensed milk,

1/4 cup of lemon juice,

1 – 8 oz container of cool whip,

1 – plain angel food cake,

strawberries, bananas and kiwi fruit.

Combine sweetened condensed milk and lemon juice and stir till thickened. Place 1/2 of angel food cake torn in pieces n bottom of a glass bowl. Top with half of the sweetened condensed milk mixture. Arrange some of the strawberries, bananas and kiwi over mixture. Repeat layers ending with strawberries and kiwi fruit placed decoratively on top. I also dip the bananas in lemon juice before placing them in the dessert mix so they won’t get brown. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

Linda Isbell, Columnist, Garden Spices Magazine

Photo credit:  By Greg Tally – (WT-shared) WineCountryInn at wts wikivoyage (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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