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Family Love

Every day when I wake up I see my family. I go to my favorite dog in the world, Henry. I sit with him for a little bit, hug him and say I love him. My brother hugs me when he is excited or when we accomplish something, we high-five. We joke around, play games, and have fun. I feel passion about doing the jobs around the house. My brother and I do not care about the money because we are thankful to have a clean house. Every day my brother and I go on a short walk, and we talk; and, we even have races. My mommy kisses me and hugs me every day. I love her! I love when Daddy comes home. The dogs bark, come to the door and jump on him. I run to him too and give him a big hug! I am passionate about being with my family!

– Morgan Frederick Bennett

Morgan is an 8 -1/2 year old humorist.  He has jokes!  He is in third grade at Kilby Elementary, in Florence, AL.  He plays soccer, and he intends to be the Kid Roving Reporter for Garden Spices Magazine — his vision.

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