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Don’t Pull it!

Posted on April 16, 2021 by vbgold


With recent events, the lynching of Dante, and the trial of Chauvin, I tend to stay in an angered state – wound up. It takes so little these days.  Let someone post what they feel is innocuous, but not to me, and here I go.  I get in my feelings and I’m ret’ to rant.  News from posts, films, videos, and media, in general, make me want to scream.   I love the term the young’uns came up with – “trigger.”   Yes, I get triggered, and my stomach churns in a real visceral way.  Yet, I feel compelled and a responsibility to keep tuned in, post, and comment on current events.

How do I protect myself?  I’m too old advanced to be blowing a gasket, and y’all already know about my ‘Pressure.  I figured out, actually, the young’uns (my daughter, Camille) taught me; I do not have to pull the trigger/get sick/take it out on loved ones. Let me share what I do to prevent self-casualties:

Don’t Pull it 101


Author of  Be S.A.F.E., StillAware, Faithful, Excellent, now available on Kindle Amazon as an e-book.

“…the book title and its content are intended to be a whisper, reminding us that by taking the time to connect with our spiritual self, we can center through anything and that we are forever within the bubble of God’s protection.”

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