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Daughter of the Water, Woman of the Leopard

Vangile Gantsho ascending the stairs of the Rosa Parks Museum at Troy University


They say stars fell on Alabama, what a beautiful night that must have been.

Afrika fell on Alabama, with words of a thunderous storm of heritage lost.

A daughter of the water flowed over our lives, powerful as a Blood Moon.

A woman of the leopard spoke with the voices of her Afrikan brothers and sisters, murdered by the privileged.

Her ancestors called to her of wandering spirits, waiting to be named.

Tears cascaded down her face, like the mighty waters of her birth.

A daughter of the water, a woman of the leopard shared her words of truth.

Vangile Gantsho fell on Alabama, what a beautiful night it was.


– James Robinson

James Robinson lives in Huntsville, Alabama. He is a Human Rights activist and a leader in the struggle for equality and social justice for LGBTQ people in the South. In 2009, he founded GLBT Advocacy & Youth Services, Inc. now known as Free2Be where he continues to work as executive director. His writing can be found online at LGBTQ Nation, The New Civil Rights Movement, The Good Men Project, and Equality 365.

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