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Catching Up with Maria Diz

Maria Diz

Whenever possible, I visit Grey House Gallery for the vibe, workshops, spiritual gatherings, and great art. One of my favorite artists is the owner of Grey House, Maria Diz. I asked if we could share some of her work for our New Year's issue. Gate open! - Victorine


Butterfly kiss

Artist Statement

I am a Cuban American artist and licensed mental health therapist. I am driven by a need to express an inner voice often unintelligible until manifested through acrylic, collage, photography, and mixed media.

Most recently, I have been fascinated by the multiple transmutations one image can go through when combined into mixed media. Similar to how the choices I make in life affect and transform my understanding of self in the world, I break my images up and place them in new surroundings, bringing new meaning to the same pieces.  When combined, these materials become redefined and create a space for new forms of representation to exist.

I was born in Cuba and came to the States with my parents when my father was released from Castro’s prison as a political prisoner in the mid-1960s. I was raised in South Florida and attended undergraduate school at the University of North Alabama, where I double majored in Biology and Psychology. I took various studio art classes while at UNA but have been mostly self-taught. My artwork is both social reflection and self-healing.


Ancestors on the Mind

Bird on Path


Hope Misrepresented


Maria Diz

As a mental health therapist, I hold space for my clients to safely process their emotional wounds. With my art, I then process my own reactions to the hardship and difficulties that so many souls experience day to day.

As the founder and owner of Grey House Gallery and Grey House Publishing, I work to empower and uplift all those in our community with a creative spirit and the drive to share their stories and their art. At the gallery, I strive to represent a unique selection of local artists with a vision to share and connect. I facilitate workshops that increase insight into the relationship between art and mental health, offering participants an understanding of how art can be used to improve mental health and overall well-being. As a publisher, I want to draw attention to the narratives that create meaning in our world. I want to highlight the healing potential that local folklore can have on our sense of self and personal identity.


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