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Carnival is Here!: Tatiana Gibs (Tatje)

There is nothing like Carnival in the Caribbean, and Sint Maarten jams during this festive season of celebration.  Tatiana Gibbs captures the vibrancy of the Caribbean in her tribute, Carnival Is Here! Tatiana and Dakey also sing calypso, the genre that makes you either move or swoon.  Their song:  Single Couples (Da Remix)  – (Carnival Village) open! – Victorine


Tatiana L.T. Gibs

Founder, CEO and Executive Chef of “Edible Sensations By T”

A BA graduate of Johnson and Wales University, major in

Baking & Pastry Arts Chef | Food Service Management | Resort Management and member of ETA Sigma Delta

(International Hospitality and Tourism Management Honor Society).

Tatiana was born and raised on St. Martin/St. Maarten into a family filled with self-taught cooking and baking expertise. Her great-grandmother and her grandmothers were both bakers. Her uncle Clement Richardson is also a well-known chef on the French Side of the island. All of whom made a living from selling their delicious freshly baked goods and gourmet dishes.

With the aspiration to follow in their footsteps and educate others, she decided to further her studies abroad.During her tenure at college, Edible Sensations by T was founded.

Yet, being an educator at heart and a lover of cooking and baking, Tatiana held on to her aspiration to educate others, she later on became a chef instructor at St.Maarten Vocational Training School where she takes pride in honing the skills of her pupils.

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