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Caribbean Kitchen with Julies

Snapper Boiled Fish – Julies Style

No exact recipe here.  This is for those that have spices in their soul.    According to Julies:

1 teaspoon Olive 

Add to pan:

Dice red, yellow, orange, green pepper… your, onion, garlic, I also added celery tomatoes and bok choy and sautéed all in the oil about 5 minutes.   Add water let boil and seasoning to taste and lime. Add Snapper fish  and cook for about 15 mins.  “I usually fry mine after boiling.” 

bok choy

Side dishes

Steamed pumpkin – cut open the pumpkin, seed it, and cut in slices or chunks.  Boil for 10 minutes.

Grated carrots in the side mixed with a few raisins

1 Cup  of Canned or dry lentils mixed with 2 Cups rice and a little turmeric and curry.

Her plate says it all.



Julies Gibs

Julies has a Wonderful Husband,  37 years together… 29 married.. 4 children, 4 grandchildren. (Collin, Lincoln, Autumn, and Genaai Gibs.  )She is a people person and works at Divi Little Bay Beach and Racquet Club, St. Maarten, NA.” I Love my family and continue to trust in God.”

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