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Both Sides of Joy

Happiness, joy and bliss hold very unique perspectives. Though interchangeable, each carries a significant attribute.

It can be ascertained that there exists a hierarchy—levels of sensation—within rapture, namely: happiness, joy and bliss. Respectively, they are sequential, practically speaking. Though, if you meet God somewhere, I trust you’d go instantly into bliss.

Happiness begets joy and joy begets bliss. They are all anchored in the moment. And by being in a peaceful state, whether in meditation or in a dance, serves to make happiness, joy and bliss a rooted experience.

Rapture does not belong to any one religion. More so, in today’s world, ecstasy would be a better substitute for rapture. Being in a state of rapture doesn’t come often, if at all. Rapture could be the circumstance one devoted one’s whole life to achieve. For most, rapture is considered as the final or ultimate experience.

Most of our emotions lead to some form of a feeling. It’s a vibration that can be understood. Eating ice cream makes me happy. Let’s consider the state of happiness solely as a private matter. It’s personal to one’s own unique perception. Something can make you happy, but to another person’s perception, it could be grief.

If you were standing perfectly still on a clear warm beautiful day and saw two butterflies dancing in front of you, wouldn’t there be a gentle sense of happiness echoing throughout your body. That’s a beautiful vibration that leads to one’s expression of happiness or until a bird flew by and snatched one of the butterflies.

Sustaining happiness, as much as possible throughout the day, puts “Cause and Effect” into a positive momentum. From this position, the character of an individual demonstrates a sense of confidence, which generally can be admired.

Joy, in comparison to happiness, occurs were one’s expressions tend to be shared: like celebrating a social circumstance. “Joy to the world” is a familiar phrase and accurately defines joy. The essence of joy derives from making another person or pet, happy. Gatherings, parties, celebrations are depositories for joy. They make you happy just to be there and participate.

At a wedding where the bride is just about ready to throw the bouquet, sense the collective joy, without discrimination. Everybody is sharing his or her unique sense of happiness. Best of all, joy is fun. It’s also very human.

With happiness and joy—the two building blocks of rapture—we now explore bliss. When you have a super-great feeling, that’s bliss. It’s like a light bulb—once lit—it radiates. Nothing in the mind matters at this point. It’s an eruption of happiness and joy combined. You can feel your energy expand into the Universe.  All becomes one and you are the focus of it all.

It is safe to say that bliss, like happiness, is private and personal to one’s character. It doesn’t occur too often, and when it does, you know very well that that event generated an ultimate experience. Bliss prompts one into a divine sensation with ascending vibrations, and that is something we all get once in a while.

An example of experiencing bliss occurs soon after you have done a physical and emotional purge. As your body and mind detoxifies and releases illnesses and stress, it becomes freer. You begin to enter a state of peace, which in turn intrinsically propels feeling of bliss. Again, nothing matters. You are actually free from the physical: at least momentarily, that is.

Remember that first kiss with the one you loved? All your thoughts were gone. Did you realize all that unconditional love experienced when a newborn baby looked into your eyes? Didn’t you feel Godlike?

Be grateful for bliss as it knows no boundaries. It’s a gift that can’t be manipulated. Serving as the footprint for rapture, this is what living in Unity Consciousness is all about.

Have Fun. Peace and Health,

– Dr. Robert V. Gerard

Robert V. Gerard brings 49+ years experience in Senior Management, Financial and Marketing. He currently serves as a Senior Partner within Green Way Pavements directing Financial, Marketing and Training Operations. Previously Dr. Gerard was the publisher of Oughten House Publications. He keeps a super positive attitude and enjoys presenting information to enlighten individual pursuits in both personal and business sectors. Dr. Gerard’s educational and professional qualifications include AAS (Associate in Applied Science) in Civil Engineering Technology; B.S. in Social Psychology; M.S. in Human Resources Management; and a, Doctorate in Metaphysical Philosophy and Spiritual Psychology.

© 2014

Cover Photo: Wife, Zeljka on a Croatian Island in the Adriatic Sea

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