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Beliefs. What an inspiring, comforting and wonderful tool we as humans use for our lack of understanding of all the unknowns – comfort in times of hardship and grief, a way for the mind to help itself when tragedy strikes, anxiety overwhelms, and depression is rearing its ugly head. Beliefs are a huge part of being human. (Wonder if animals and plants have beliefs?)

Beliefs. Might they also delude us from the facts? When they go wrong, they go extreme. What drives me crazy at times is the cognitive dissonance – the unwillingness to accept a truth or facts in the face of destroying our ideas of comfort and how we perceive everything to be.  Even more, when so many want to use beliefs (remember, not based in facts), to make laws or attempt to control others with threats of jail, punishment, or brutal death in some places.

Beliefs are part of an old system of control, manipulated by the powerful to exercise its authority over people. In the United States, we should be way beyond this childish, silly in fighting among each other, and at the least come to the understanding to let everyone have their beliefs, so long as they do no harm to anyone else. (Self-harm is up to the one individual). That the religious right and it’s wing of government still tries to make everyone follow it’s belief system, and claims all other beliefs other than its own is the only correct way to be, should send up warning flags to all. Yet, “the bible says to save everyone from sin”. (I know too well, I was once locked in that mindset.)

Here’s the thing. The bible isn’t a government document. It’s not provable fact. Many facts will actually point one to that…if one can get over indoctrination to at least search for the truth. Yet, indoctrination and the fear of burning forever in a lake of fire can be a huge step to overcome, and it won’t happen overnight. Yet it is possible. There is freedom, but allowing lawmakers to decide to make laws in discrimination of anything other than their own beliefs will not advance that freedom.

I remember all too well the damaging beliefs I had growing up, indoctrinated into a system that should be for the greater good. I remember the teachings of homosexual people being sent to hell, (in my particular sect, the only ones doing it “right” that would make it to heaven), and the hatred I once learned to use against others of different belief systems. We even had a class about the only correct way to heaven. Oh how wide the world has been opened up after the years of being able to let go of the fears that were instilled. It’s rather amazing how many different views in the same belief system are in disagreements with one another. Each individual in whichever group believes that his or her way is the only way, for everyone. See how this is a problem?

I’m a believer in freedom to choose. I believe we have the right to do with our own bodies and consciousness what we have chosen as best for ourselves. When one applies this to oneself and oneself alone, it seems most are in agreement. So, why are so many religious people trying to force religious laws on others? Are they questioning their own beliefs or trying to be oppressive? (Yes, I realize how fortunate I am to be in this country to speak on it, considering the madness in countries with sharia law.)

Another topic on beliefs is in the “spiritually awake conscious yoga new age” ‘murican” version of many ancient teachings, including the misinterpretation of the true teachings of the original thinkers of the ideas that can help us as humans. Many ideas were and still are great, yet many were distorted into religious control systems. I’d speculate that many ancient teachings wouldn’t even be recognized today by the one’s that had the original thoughts.

Back to the new agey topic. Even now, once liberated and awake on one’s own path, there are those in the communities trying to tell you that you’re doing it all wrong. Don’t you just love that, after escaping from a much worse system! You’d think people would figure out the live and let live concept in-depth as opposed to the former, yet tis not the case. Crystals, singing bowls, yoga mats (insert your terms here) can be just as harmful when it’s beating you on the head, as bible thumping.


I know many have nothing but good intentions, and if you are a true and authentic practitioner or teacher, then know this isn’t finger-pointing, just pointing out that any beliefs can be used for harm. This is at those who would manipulate and distort the truth for personal egoism, or monetary gain.

How annoying it can be for those to use things, which can’t be proven for monetary gain, or even provable things, if one’s intention is to be of help and service to one another.

I find myself at a point of taking a break from social media, frankly sickened by what has come through belief systems. It’s amazing and rather sad the state the world is in, and I see beliefs as a huge cause. Just observe the political quagmire happening in this crazy year of 2016!

One can share facts and provable truths all day long, yet many, out of fear, will continue to hold onto whatever they want to believe, and seek out information that only lines up with what they want to believe!

In that case, what’s really the point of trying to “wake people up”? Ears and minds are distorted by beliefs; with the media these days though, how does one KNOW what is true and what’s propaganda? Don’t get me wrong, though you could say I am cynical, I understand not all beliefs are the cause of harm…or are they??? How often do we make outrageous claims that can’t be supported by solid proof?

I leave you with a quote from the genius mind of Terence Mckenna –

” All beliefs are cultural artifacts and so are inevitably as limited as the cultural dimension in which they were created.”


Jozzy Allman, Columnist

Jozzy is an advocate for health and wellness, of body, mind, and emotions. He shares “what works for (him).” Jozzy also spins fire and cooks creative cuisine.

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