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Artist Rosemary Ollison Lives!


If I can’t live! Please, God, send me someone to bury me I cannot continue to be a walking dead woman

The life you gave me is all in vain I just cannot keep on living this life’s game

My flesh is dead it is beginning to smell Of God please let me live I just cannot continue to be a walking dead woman If you are not going to let me live the life you created me to live I would rather be dead and in hell

I am a walking dead woman I cannot stand another day being a walking dead woman I guess I am going to have to kill myself Maybe someone will bury me I am stranded in mid-air I just exist, not getting anywhere

I can’t live this life But I can’t end my life Because I want God to show the world what He has done for me Please God put life into this walking dead woman I promise you that I will live my life for you Please God raise me and move me forward to your will and purpose for me


Dear God, please help this walking dead woman Please let me live the wonderful life that you have given me Use this walking dead woman to show your strength to the world Let your light shine upon the gifts and blessings you have given to me Let no one take from me what you have given to me Open doors for me that I cannot open Move those who try to hold me back Take the keys from those who will not use them to open doors for me and others

Only God can bring a walking dead woman to life And that is exactly what He has done!!! Praise giving of thanks to JEHOVAH God A walking dead woman LIVES




Debra Brehmer PORTRAIT SOCIETY GALLERY located in Milwaukee’s Third Ward at 207 E. Buffalo St. on the fifth floor of the Marshall Building, Milwaukee, WI 53202. Gallery hours are Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays noon to 5pm and by appointment. Contact 414.870.9930 for information.

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