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Artist, Jacques P. Jackson; Building Human Stories


Mosaic is an ancient and sacred art form. Maybe it’s the iridescent light transmitted by each piece and that each piece is cut and intentionally placed to light the subject. In churches that light is illuminated; In Jacques P. Jackson’s designs, that light dances in the contemporary bodies of work that beckons us to get up close to see the “how” of it.  Welcome to Garden Spices, Jacques P. Jackson – Victorine


Artist Statement

I made a very conscious decision. Everyone has a body. They may vary in size, shape, and ability, but we all have one. I decided that I would tell my stories within this construct: the silhouette of the human form.

My premiere joy as an artist begins with woodwork. The carving of the silhouette is the first major step in each creation. I use my instinct more than assigned proportions. This is art, after all.

The stories deepen with the application of smaller elements that will transform the work into mosaic. Various types of glass, tile, paint, and fabrics are used to further develop a story.

At first glance, viewers can discern whether the subject is nude or clothed. Skin tones may be traditional; or they may have other connotations when yellow, blue, or green. For example, green can mean naive, wealthy, or vegan. Viewers must dive deeper into each piece.

I also use fabric and symbols as indicators. Fabrics can give clues to ethnicity or the type of affair the subject is attending. Symbols simply supply greater meaning.

Oh! There is one particular factor that makes my mosaic bodies distinct. The subjects are without a head, without hands, and without feet. I feel it is a new way of looking at the term “body language.”


“Hi” Split

(close up) Shown are the various types of glass from opaques to crystal clear. Small glass pebbles add a bit more fine detail to this piece which is unique, thus far, in the series.


Around the Way


Jacques P. Jackson

Jacques P. Jackson’s work can be found on Etsy SoulHouseDecor 

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